Social Bookmarking Sites Manually Updated 2019

Table of Contents           

  1. What is Social Bookmarking Submission?

2. Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

3. Process to try and do Social Bookmarking

4. Top Social Bookmarking Sites

1) Reddit

2) Stumbleupon

 3) Bizsugar


5) Pinterest

Best Free Social Bookmarking Sites List for 2019


What is Social Bookmarking Submission?

Social bookmarking may be a on-line service that permits bloggers to feature, edit, annotate, share bookmarks of net files. Social bookmarking permits to avoid wasting favorite pages offline and may be fixed later once needed. it’s a effective thanks to store, organize and retrieve bookmarked sites.


Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

Increases the traffic of the web site.

Fetches higher ranking in google computer program.

Providing your web site} link or name in high PR do follow social quality links will earn you quality site links.

Rapid categorisation of web site in search engines like Bing.

Submission of your web site} on social bookmarking site will create your posts go microorganism.

Helps in increasing domain authority.

Helps in prioritizing and categorising of your web log.

Process to try and do Social Bookmarking

Though beginners in SEO and blogging square measure into the activity of social bookmarking, one ought to grasp the strategy of doing it effectively to reach this competitive market. All social bookmarking sites don’t seem to be same and have a unique set of tips to be adhered to. standard sites like, have a strict approach and don’t enable quality content webpages to be highlighted on their sites.

To overcome this pain purpose, you would like to thrive onerous and submit quality content articles of alternative web log posts. to realize the complete edges of those position PR sites, bloggers ought to produce productive title, elaborate description, use keywords and choose the class showing wisdom.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

1) Reddit

Reddit is one predominant and authentic social bookmarking web site. One cannot submit posts a bit like that and involves a lot of filtering and wish to repost or share reddit posts to extend your views or rating. Once a selected rating is achieved you’ll be able to submit your own posts. additionally attempt to write posts on recent trends which is able to draw attention of users and have a tendency to take a lot of web site posts and additionally promote them by sharing it on social media.

2) Stumbleupon

This web site belongs to eBay and is best supply to extend traffic. Initial necessity is to induce yourself registered during this web site. it’s higher to avoid submission of duplicate posts because it might result in spamming. If you have got multiple sites you’ll be able to submit completely different blogs. Solely submission of article won’t facilitate however additionally ought to build a robust social network by sharing others posts and reposting them in your sites and by commenting on them.

 3) Bizsugar

Bizsugar is that the most stern web site and demands prime quality authoritative content to be printed on that. you would like to be too acutely aware whereas submitting a content during this web site. Certify you’re awake to the rules and cling thereto strictly. To hunt familiarity, ought to comment and share other’s articles. To be distinctive among alternative bloggers create a enticing title and choose an acceptable class.


This is a high stratified web site} and is incredibly smart for making backlinks that successively can increase site traffic. Below square measure the execs of victimization Scoop. it.

There is a provision to post concerning multiple topics in a very single account.

Provides a platform to create social network.

Comment and share posts of alternative bloggers.

Create catchy titles and supply desired details.

Upload pictures to your posting article.

5) Pinterest

This web site contains a lot of of graphical pictures and encourages bloggers to post a lot of pictures in graphical format. This can be the foremost easy and user friendly web site particularly designed for girls. Necessity is to make a account in Pinterest then follow bound classes. Choose showing wisdom as you may get their pins. Before adding a pin, it’s suggested to make a bunch with title, description and select the suitable class.

Find similar pin board and tag them. A previous invite is needed to be sent to affix this board that must be approved by the admin of the board. Pinterest promotes smart traffic for web log posts holding graphical material like pictures, videos, themes and data graphics.

Best Free Social Bookmarking Sites List for 2019

We have extra best free social bookmarking sites list 2019. The social bookmarking list can facilitate your web site to induce rank higher in a very computer program result.

#             SiteName           

1              http://

2              http://

3              http://    

4              http://




8              http://


10           http://     


By acting social bookmarking of your web log posts and articles you’ll be able to deliver the goods high traffic and Google ranking for your web site. Hope you understood the vital use of social bookmarking from the on top of article and the way to use it with efficiency. Forever certify you’re active on social media and keep your subscribers engaged by interacting with them perpetually. This may fetch you the required results and promote your web site on social media. It’s tired your hands to use it showing wisdom to realize targeted leads to this difficult SEO business.