Manual Update Top Guest Posting website List 2019

How to do Guest Posting

There are unit sure steps to be followed in making a worthy guest post. Please realize the steps below.

1) Bear in mind of diary topic and targeted audience

Surf the diary well and take a look at to know what kind of blogs get a lot of attention and discussions within the post. Chew over the planning and structure of different posts and conclude however in an elaborate way they’re written.

2) Bear the rules

Get to understand however precise a article ought to be before commencing to pen down. This will consume longer as there’s no use in making a article price 2000 words once the particular demand is just a thousand words.

3) Produce a define of the article

Before drafting main article by creating a catchy title, give multiple subheadings and a fast self introduction regarding you as a part of author bio, previous achievements or work if any and link to those works. Send associate email of this to the owner and find a clearance to traverse more down the road.

4) Draft a piece

Ensure your article is written well within the expected format of the diary as well as the font and hyperlinks. It might be nice to capture and embody some pictures which might draw the eye of the users.

5) Cater an applicable bio

The means you gift yourself is crucial to create your diary post productive. Confirm you mention previous work links together with relevant expertise within the specific subject and social media links just in case if anyone is driven to your guest posts.

6) Do revision of article

Make sure your article is easy and straightforward to know by a standard person. You’ll be able to cross verify the standard and countercheck the grammatical errors by asking your friend to browse.

Benefits of Guest Posting sites

1) Reaches vast no of audience

These guest posts announce in known sites reaches wide range of individuals and there’s a accrued probability that they’ll revisit to you just in case of any needs.

2) Accrued traffic to your web site

Quality guest articles announce on these blogs could result in a lot of traffic that will increase the market and promotion of the location.

3) Promotes future opportunities within the web site

If you’re an infatuated guest author then there’s a lot of probability to develop a decent rapport with the diary owner and chance to write down a lot of articles for creating cash within the future.

4) Become associate knowledgeable

If your guest blogs area unit filled with valuable subject data then you’ll catch the eyes of the many audience UN agency would think about you as associate knowledgeable and would be waiting for your blogs which can increase your responsibility and appreciation from them and fetch you a lot a lot of fruitful earning opportunities.

5) Enhance social media presence

In case you give your social media link in your article and somebody shares your article you’d be mechanically labeled within the post through which individuals could contact you for any guest writing work. Your work reaches n no of individuals and gets rewarded too.

6) Builds your confidence

Getting recognized by sites like Forbes can cultivate feel sensible {factor in think regarding consider} you and additionally causes you to feel a lot of worthy about your experience within the subject and language.

7) Backlinks

There is a choice to add by links at the footer of the guest post within the author bio section that adds a lot of worth to your work.

8) Fetches a lot of subscribers

By providing your email address in posts there’s some way wherever several subscribers would email you in person just in case of any work needs.

9) A lot of monetary flow

Websites like Next net, Solve purpose and Life hack area unit better-known for publication quality content and reciprocally get paid well.

Here is that the High PR Do-Follow Guest Post Sites List

SN          Website Name  Submit Link

SN          WEBSITE NAME                SUBMIT LINK

1              ShoutMeLoud:  Submit Guest Post

2              webpageinfosolution :   Submit Guest Post

3              Forbes: Contribute

4              Business Insider:              Submission tips

5              gadgettrending:              Submit Guest Post

6              Survey Monkey Blog:     Submission tips

7              Entrepreneur:   Submission tips

8              Harvard Business Review:            Submission tips

9         Guidelines before submitting

10           HellBound Bloggers:       Write for U.S.A.

11           Content selling Institue:                Guest Post tips

12           Outbrain:             Guest Post tips

13           Smashing Magazine:       Submission tips

14           YourStory:           Submit guest post

15           The Huffington Post:      Submission tips

16           Daily diary Tips:                 Submit Guest Post

17           HubSpot:             Submission tips

18           Copyblogger:     Submit Guest Post

19           Inc42:    Contact for guest post

20           Kissmetrics:        Submission tips

21           The Sits girls:      How to submit

22           Inspiration2Feed:            Submit guest post

23           Small line of work Trends:            Submit guest post

24           Readwrite:          Write for them

25           Tips Blogger:      Write for them

26           Gigaom :              Write for them

27           Smashing Magazine:       Write for them

28           Techie Buzz:       Write for them

29           Techie Blogger: Write for them

30           Digital Inspiration:            Write for them

31           Trouble Fixers:  Write for them

32           Devils’ Workshop:           Write for them

33           Calling All Geeks:              Write for them

34           Inspiration Feed:              Write for them

35           The Pragmatic Bookshelf:             Write for them

36           Site Point:           Write for them

37           The Kernel:         Write for them

38           Tech Walls:         Write for them

39           iTech Code:        Write for them

40           Tech At Last:      Write for them

41           Comptalks:         Write for them

42           Web and Designers:       Write for them

43           Slashdot:             Write for them

44           Craving Tech:     Write for them

45           Readwrite : | Submit Guest Post

46           ShoutMeTech: | Submit Guest Post

47           iAmWire:             Submit guest post

48           TechWyse:: | Submit guest post

49           Moz Blog:   | Submit Guest Post

50           Social Media Today: | Submit Guest Post

51           Social Media Examiner :       | Submit Guest PostShowing one to fifty one of fifty one entries


Guest posting could be a power packed methodology for sharing data, building awareness, links and social promotions. solely vital side to think about is to post the correct content on right Websites to fetch you sensible results. Additionally it’s a decent businessperson methodology for increasing your business from tiny scale to huge scale because the visibility rate is high for approaching entrepreneurs. Confirm you don’t violate the foundations to reap the advantages totally.